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Benefits of Industrial Metal Swing Gates

At any job site, falling is one of the most dangerous risks. A recent study of construction workers found that over 40% of workplace fatalities involved a fall of some sort.

Of course, construction isn't the only industry that can benefit from fall prevention measures. Workers around the world are victims of what are usually preventable injuries.

Industrial swing gates are an important part of fall prevention. They restrict access to dangerous areas and have features designed to make their use simple and efficient for workers.

Industrial safety swing gates can be bolted or secured to railings, walls, ladders and more. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of installing these gates for your business.

Access to Rooftops, Mezzanines, Catwalks, Ladders and Other Elevated Levels

Guard rails around elevated areas prevent workers from falling over the side, but they still require an access point.

Industrial safety swing gates are perfect for this purpose. They open easily, are self-closing, and can be adjusted to whatever size you need.

Security for Sensitive Areas

Many job sites have valid reasons for restricting access to certain locations. You'll need to keep visitors without PPE away from dangerous work areas and keep job site machinery safe from theft, vandalism, and trespassers. Swing gates also help warn of a dangerous or high traffic area in the workplace, keeping people safe and aware.

Yellow Industrial Safety Swing Gate blocking doorway access SCG-W-Y

Safety swing gates are also ideal for keeping unwanted or unauthorized personnel out of work zones and away from your machinery, including near the loading dock.

Loading Dock Safety

We all know the loading dock is one of the busiest areas at any job site. Trucks are coming and going, heavy machines like forklifts are constantly in motion, and workers are hurriedly loading and unloading deliveries. It's no wonder that a quarter of industrial accidents happen there.

Safety gates stand as a barrier between your workers and a loading dock fall or unwanted personnel walking in restricted areas. They'll keep your workers cordoned off in their appropriate area.

Safety Swing Gates are Highly Durable

Industrial metal safety swing gates can withstand the elements, meaning they're useful both indoors and outdoors. Depending on your industry, you may need an galvanized gate to stand up to rust or a stainless steel gate to minimize corrosive wear.

Galvanized Industrial Self-closing safety swing gate by SaveMH

You can also opt to finish your warehouse swing gates with the standard yellow powdered coating finish to further increase their resilience and visibility.

OSHA Compliant Swing Gates

OSHA takes fall safety incredibly seriously and recently updated its guidelines surrounding safety gates. OSHA Standard 1910.29 relates to fall protection systems and falling object protection-criteria and practices.

Some of OSHA's newest regulations on industrial safety swing gates include:

  • Must close on their own
  • Have a top rail that can withstand 200 pounds, and have a mid-rail that can withstand 150 pounds.
  • Have a top rail height of 42", plus or minus 3" above the working-walking surface
  • Must swing or slide away from the opening/hole

Therefore, it's not only important to install safety gates that remain in compliance but also to buy a swing gate that meets OSHA standards as well. Failure to comply with OSHA's regulations could be met with steep fines.

Industrial Swing Gates are a Necessity

No matter what industry you work in, fall safety is something that you can't afford to lightly. Industrial swing gates are absolutely essential to making sure your workers stay safe at higher elevations.

In addition to their safety benefits, these gates can protect your machinery, help secure your job site, and can withstand the rigors of the industrial workplace.

SaveMH provides high-quality material handling equipment designed to keep your workforce safe. Contact our customer service team to see how we can outfit your business.

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