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Material Handling Equipment Terminology

Term Description Image Additional Info
Material Handling Equipment Material handling equipment (MHE) is any equipment or products used to transport, store, and control industrial goods/materials throughout the industrial process of manufacturing, warehousing, consumption, and disposal.
Rolling Ladders A self-supporting ladder with a top step platform and casters
Step Stool A variation of a ladder and a stool. A support platform typically with 1-3 steps. Optimal for a target height of 6-10'
Ladder Tread The horizontal step of a ladder or stairway. Treads can be different material and styles. Industrial treads typically are perforated, serrated, or vinyl.
Swing Gate A fall protection device to guard floor openings or dangerous areas. Swing gates mount to rails, posts, walls, and swing open in one direction.
Drum Cradle Drum cradles are a piece of equipment used to hold, lift, and transport steel drums and barrels. Pallet rack drum cradles are designed to be lifted with a forklift and set on a pallet rack beam.
M Divider A vertical divider in the shape of an "M" for pallet racks to separate and hold material. Typical products used with m dividers include: windows, doors, trim, and pipe.