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Why Use Pallet Rack M-Dividers?

Retail stores and warehouses all over the world have to store products, materials, and equipment somewhere. Pallet rack systems are typically the solution to this storage need. Products are able to fit on a pallet or inside a cardboard box to easily be stored on pallet racks.  What about those items that can't fit due to their size and shape? Placing these items on pallet racks would cause an unsafe and unorganized mess as they could fall or roll over into the next pallet racking bay.

Orange Pallet Rack M Dividers in Warehouse by SaveMH

Pallet Rack M-Dividers are the solution!  M-Dividers are typically in the shape of a sideways "M" with two saddle brackets to fit over 3" pallet beams. Storing materials vertically creates the means for a optimized storage space and efficient storage handling. Of course, there are various heights and depths to fit your pallet rack.

What products or materials are M-Dividers used for?

Long, bulky, and odd shaped materials are best stored when using M-Dividers.

Examples Include:

  • Doors/Millwork
  • Windows
  • Pipes
  • Moldings
  • Trim
  • Lumber/Wood

Smaller dividers can even be used to separate and organize pallet bays, store retail products such as brooms, ladders, and other not-boxed items.  

M Dividers for Lumber at Retail Store by SaveMH

SaveMH Pallet Rack Dividers

Made out of 1" Diameter Steel Tube, M-Dividers are built for the heavy duty materials such as pipe; to lightweight materials such as trim.

Pallet Rack M Divider from SaveMH

At SaveMH, we currently supply Pallet Rack Bay M-Dividers that are 42"D x 54"H and have a yellow painted finish. Available in a variety of quantities.

If you have any questions or need a different size, style, or color, please fill out our contact form, we'd be happy to help! 


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