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5 Benefits of Industrial Rolling Ladders

Do you run a business that makes use of a warehouse? Do you work in an environment where you can't reach something that is high up? Do you have product stored high on a pallet rack? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need an industrial rolling ladder.

If you want to make the lives of your warehouse employees much easier, then industrial rolling ladders can really make a difference. By integrating them into your workflow, you can save time, increase safety, and give your overall efficiency a much-needed boost

Assortment of Industrial Rolling Ladders offered by SaveMH

In this post, we're going to talk about some of the many benefits of these commercial ladders and help you choose the best ladders for a warehouse, as well as the safest ladders on the market. Read on for the 5 benefits of using industrial rolling ladders.

1. Enhanced Safety

The most important benefit that industrial rolling ladders provide is the element of safety. Warehouses can be dangerous places for employees and even if you value safety above all, sending people up and down traditional ladders can risk injury to your most precious resources (your people) and a worker's compensation claim.  

Rolling ladders are the safest ladders to use in a warehouse because they're extremely stable. You can lock the wheels when you've positioned the ladder and it won't go anywhere, acting as a staircase. Unlock them again and you're off and rolling to the next shelf. Railings, wide and deep steps along with a variety of tread options, increase the safety for your employees.  

There are far too many ladder-related accidents in warehouses every year, but SaveMH rolling ladders are OSHA-compliant, meeting all of the US Department of Labor's safety requirements.

2. Ease of Mobility

If you're working in a large warehouse with high shelves, then lugging a traditional ladder around all day is going to exhaust your employees. Rolling ladders are extremely easy to move around and maneuver into tight spaces, making warehouse workers' jobs much easier.

This boosts productivity in a big way because they don't have to be taken down, folded up, brought to another location, and set up again. You just roll them into place, saving time and money.

3. Incredibly Strong In the Warehouse

When you purchase industrial rolling ladders for your warehouse from SaveMH, you are getting a high quality American made product. Manufactured in the USA by EGA Products, Inc.  SaveMH industrial rolling ladders are made of strong durable steel, so they can take somewhat of a beating in a warehouse.

4. Hundreds of Rolling Ladder Options

When you shop at SaveMH, you have all the industrial rolling ladder options you'll need for your warehouse or workspace. Our ladders come in 2-12 step configurations and all of them are equipped with your choice of handrail and tread width. Whatever application you need a rolling ladder for, we've got you covered.  For any customizations, please contact us.

To see our wide selection of rolling ladders, visit our site today.

5. Creating an Efficient Workplace

All of these benefits end up making your life easier because you can get the work done faster. Gone will be the days of sending an employee up a flimsy ladder to grab a box. OSHA compliant rolling ladders are going to make your business run more efficiently and safely.

Industrial Rolling Ladders in a Warehouse with Pallet racking by SaveMH



Buy Your Industrial Rolling Ladders Today

Now that you know the benefits of having industrial rolling ladders in your warehouse or workplace, you can figure out what size you need and buy yours today. Not sure what you need?  Visit us at SaveMH to learn more about our ladders and contact us for questions or to place an order.

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