Rolling Ladder for Semi-Trailer: The Safest Way to Load Your Truck...

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Rolling Ladder for Semi-Trailer: The Safest Way to Load Your Truck

Many of us know well that loading a semi-trailer or shipping container can be a difficult task full of injury risks. When you don't have access to a loading dock or the right equipment, the risks are even higher. A rolling industrial ladder specifically made for semi-trailers is essential to making sure the loading process is simple and safe. These ladders are specifically designed with that end in mind. In this article, we discuss the advantages of using rolling ladders for semi-trailers and give you some tips for choosing the best ladder to fit your needs.

Yellow Semi-Truck Trailer Access Rolling Ladder up against a semi trailer

Benefits of Semi-Trailer Access Rolling Ladders

Semi-trailer rolling ladders have soared in popularity because they offer numerous safety benefits for everyone involved in the shipping process. They eliminate the need to climb or jump in and out of trailer, an action that can be disastrous if you're carrying products. With a rolling ladder, you can easily just walk up and down the ladder without having to worry about jumping or climbing.

Another important benefit is how much wider industrial rolling ladders are than their traditional counterparts. Having a wide path in and out of the trailers means more maneuverability and less fall risk. The wider stair treads (this semi-trailer access ladder has 36 inch wide steps) and grip strut serrated steps reduce the possibility of slipping.

These rolling ladders are also designed specifically to load and unload semi-trailers and are customizable to your needs, making them the safer choice. It’s important to know the OSHA requirements for rolling ladders to ensure employee safety and workplace compliance. Look for rolling ladders with features that include chains at the top and bottom for safety and have 10 inch wheels that can maneuver well in rocky or tough terrain.

TG4838H Semi-Trailer Access Truck Rolling Ladder

How to Choose the Right Semi-Trailer Rolling Ladder

When choosing a semi-trailer rolling ladder, keep these things in mind:
  • Make sure the ladder is rated for the weight of the loader and the load he/she will carry on it
  • Choose a ladder that is the correct height for your needs or request customization (semi trailer access ladders will need be 47.5" to the top platform)
  • Check that the ladder is wide enough to provide a safe and easy path to the top of the semi-trailer
  • Ensure that the ladder is made from high-quality materials or an American manufacturer 
If you follow these tips, you can be sure you'll choose the best rolling ladder for your needs. SaveMH fabricates a variety of ladders for your warehouse and can create custom features for rolling semi-trailer ladders. Contact us today to discuss options for rolling ladders to meet your specific needs.

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