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How to Select an Industrial Rolling Ladder

You've been there, standing at the base of the shelf or rack, wondering how to get that box down. Thoughts of super-human acts to get to the top. You're not a spider, of course.

When it comes to working at elevation, industrial ladders are one piece of equipment that are vital to your warehouse.

Industrial rolling ladders offer you the maneuverability to work in any position and, with a variety of sizes, you can easily reach whatever height you need to do your job. The best rolling ladders will also protect your workers from strain and injury, keeping them safe on the job and meeting any required OSHA standards.

Keep reading below to learn more about choosing the right industrial ladder for your warehouse.

Collection of industrial rolling ladders with and without handrails ranging from 3 steps to 16 steps

Why You Should Choose a Rolling Ladder

You may have the impression that any ladder is sufficient for your warehouse. However, industrial rolling ladders offer a level of versatility and safety that standard folding ladders cannot offer.

You can pick up and wheel your rolling staircase for your warehouse into the right position. Their flat backsides allow you to place the working base as close to the elevated job as possible.

Another critical reason to have a rolling ladder is the use of its handrails. The additional barrier makes transporting goods to the ground a safe task. This allows workers to move goods more efficiently.

When purchasing an industrial ladder, pay special attention to the stair treads on each model to ensure they are safe. We recommend choosing one with perforated treads. Unlike traditional smooth stair treads, through the perforation process, these stairs are textured to increase resistance to slipping. Another benefit is that rain or other liquids go through the holes in perforated stairs preventing the puddling which can increase the risk for slipping. 

Perforated Tread Serrated Tread Anti-Slip Vinyl Rubber Tread

Having proper treads protects your workers from slipping while transporting goods indoors or outdoors. 

What are the most important aspects of a rolling ladder?

Giving your employees access to safe and efficient tools makes their work easier to manage. But how do you choose the right industrial ladder for your warehouse?

There are several aspects to consider when looking at rolling ladders, but a few stand out as universal:

How Much Weight Does the Ladder Need to Support?

Consider the load your workers handle. What weight does the ladder need to support and how steady does it need to be for the load size? Standard weight capacity for rolling ladders is typically 450 lbs. Be sure to check the safety labels on the rolling ladder to confirm weight capacity.

How High Should the Platform Be?

The right size industrial ladder will have an influence on the job's efficiency. A good rule of thumb is to take the average working height and subtract 5 feet (a worker's comfortable working zone).

Will the Ladder Fit in the Available Workspace?9 step rolling ladder used for stock picking wood in a warehouse aisle

If your warehouse has tight corners or low sections, will your warehouse ladder fit in or around those areas? Tight spaces could limit the size and type of equipment you can use.

How Should You Use Your Industrial Ladder

Your workers should understand best practices for using safety ladders with wheels and OSHA requirements for ladders. OSHA recommends regularly maintaining and inspecting your ladder for damage. Having properly working equipment ensures your workers' safety.

You should also train your employees in proper ladder techniques. Remember to always make three points of contact and always face the ladder platform.  Ready the safety labels on every rolling ladder before you use them.

More Information on Rolling Ladders

Now you're ready to choose a set of industrial rolling stairs for your warehouse. You may be excited to learn about how this piece of equipment will improve your business. Visit our blog for more benefits of owning an industrial ladder.

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