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5 Reasons You Need an Industrial Step Stool

Our bodies do incredible things for us.

They help us climb mountains, hold our loved ones, and support our ability to provide for our families. Preventing our bodies from injury is possible with the smallest bit of effort.

Whether you work in a high-risk environment or a copy office, industrial step stools are a brilliant investment. Between the classroom, the home and the place of business, industrial step stools have earned their place in our day-to-day living.

There are plenty of reasons that you need an industrial step stool, and we're here to empower you with the top five.

1. Prevention

The safest step stools can be the easiest, most accessible form of bodily injury prevention.

When kept in a convenient space, it takes no time to pull out a stepping stool. And offering your body the stability and stable ground it deserves can keep you from dealing with broken bones or strained muscles.

So, whether you're working with the kiddos or restocking at work, using a stepping stool can make an enormous difference in accident prevention.

2. Accessibility

When we’re at work, accessibility is the ultimate form of care.

Whether it’s from our employees or supervisors, having a set-up that makes daily tasks more accessible highlights the consideration taken to create a safe working environment.

Not all heights are created equal, and tall folks know the drill of being the de facto, "can you reach this for me?" person. Similarly, short folks know how much of a difference an inch or two can make.

The best step stools are the ones that offer a broad range of accessibility to their users. So whether you need an extra step or three, industrial step stools have got you covered.

3. OSHA Standards

Every workplace has a set of expectations to abide by.

OSHA standards ensure compliance with the consistency of safety protocols at the workplace. The easiest way to comply with OSHA standards is to make sure that everyone in the workplace has the support they need to do their job safely.

There’s nothing worse than a strained back or a twisted ankle in an attempt to grab something just out of reach. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in reach related injuries.

A step stool, while it seems like a simple tool, is a crucial resource. They ensure that employees and students are able to reach things at safe heights with proper body mechanics.

Heavy Duty Industrial Warehouse Step Stool shown with two options of perforated or vinyl rubber by SaveMH

4. Cost Efficiency

Perhaps the most overlooked reason why you would benefit from industrial step stools is its cost-effective nature.

Ladders can be incredibly expensive. And more often than not people don’t typically need to stand at the top of a ladder. Outside of the retail cost, preventing your employees from injury means avoiding Workers Compensation.

Having an employee out on Workers Compensation means you are short-staffed, stretched thin and losing productivity. If you could rewind the onset of an injury, and insert a step stool into that freeze-frame, you may have saved your business money and your employee’s safety. 

5. Convenience

The safest step stools are also easily stowed away.

The best step stools are compact enough to slide into small spaces for safekeeping. And they’re also sturdy enough to hold a few hundred pounds of weight-bearing safely.

The convenience of an industrial step stool can be spotted in the classroom, empowering your students to practice some independent living skills. Or maybe it's to reach office supplies in a storage closet or books in a library. 

The Best Industrial Step Stools and Ladders

Whether you’re a mechanic working on a vehicle or stocking a warehouse, the industrial steps and ladders exist to support your efforts.

If you’re wondering where you can find the best step stools in terms of durability and safety, connect with your local material handling supplier. SaveMH has numerous products to support your needs from the auto shop to the warehouse.

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