Industrial Swing Gates: The Ideal Solution for Secure Access Contr...

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Industrial Swing Gates: The Ideal Solution for Secure Access Control and Fall Protection

Industrial swing gates are a crucial element of safety in any factory or warehouse. These gates are designed to block off access to potentially dangerous areas, provide fall protection and to ensure the safety of workers. Additionally, they are easy to install and can be placed in a variety of locations, such as on railings, walls, and ladders. Industrial swing gates offer a range of styles and size options to suit your workplace safety needs.

Ensuring Safety in the Workplace with Swing Gates

Guardrails are designed to prevent workers from falling off elevated areas, but they still need an access point. Industrial safety swing gates are a great solution for this problem. These gates are self-closing, opening in one direction and automatically closing after someone has passed through. They are also adjustable, so you can customize their size to fit your specific needs. Swing gates are especially useful for preventing falls from rooftops, mezzanines, and fixed vertical ladders.

Industrial safety gates are useful for preventing access to hazardous or off-limits areas in the workplace. The yellow color of the gate serves as a visual cue to remind workers to think about where they are going when they open the gate. Without a safety swing gate, workers may assume that the area is unrestricted and inadvertently enter areas that could be dangerous.

Warehouse Guardrail Safety Gates

With a multitude of hazards present at many job sites, protecting employees from injury and equipment from damage should always be a high priority. Restricting access to specific areas of a job site becomes necessary when special personal protective equipment (PPE) may be needed in a hazardous area or to prevent unauthorized personnel from tampering with dangerous machinery. Swing gates help delineate the boundaries of dangerous or high-traffic areas and alert workers to ensure they stay safe. 

Another example of crucially important safety equipment used to protect both employees and equipment are pallet rack post protectors. These guards ensure that an impact with the shelving will not cause a dangerous collapse or domino effect, bringing down multiple racks and products that would potentially cause serious or even fatal injury. Pallet rack post protectors used in conjunction with swing gates can go a long way in ensuring a safe work environment for all employees.

Durable Industrial Metal Swing Gates for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Industrial metal safety swing gates are durable and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Depending on the specific requirements of your industry and application, you may need a galvanized gate to prevent rust or a stainless steel gate to resist corrosion. Even our standard swing gates are coated with a yellow powder coating for a high-quality finish, added caution, and to match guardrails.

OSHA Compliant Swing Gates

SaveMH offers swing gates that fully comply with the most updated OSHA requirements for industrial safety gates. OSHA Standard 1910.29 relates to fall protection systems and object protection-criteria and practices.

In 2019, OSHA updated their standards for industrial safety gates that includes these revisions:

(13)(i) Has a self-closing gate that slides or swings away from the hole, and is equipped with a top rail and mid-rail, or equivalent intermediate member, that meets the requirements in paragraph (b) of this section; or (13)(ii) is offset to prevent an employee from walking or falling into the hole.

(2)(i) Mid-rails are installed at a height midway between the top edge of the guardrail system and the walking-working surface.

(2)(iv) Other equivalent intermediate members, such as additional mid-rails and architectural panels, are installed so that the openings are not more than 19 inches (48 centimeters) wide.

Simply put, industrial safety gates:

  • Must be self-closing and slide or swing away from the hole.
  • Must be equipped with top rails and mid-rails, or equivalent intermediate members, that meet the requirements in final paragraph (b)(13)(i).
  • Must have a top rail height of 42 inches +/- 3 inches.
  • Must not have an opening greater than 19 inches in the least dimension.
  • The top rail must be able to withstand a 200-pound load and the mid-rail must be able to withstand 150-pound load.

Our swing gates are manufactured right here in the USA in Wisconsin unlike other manufacturers who use labor and material from China. We strive to provide the safest and highest quality products available on the market.

The Importance of Investing in High-Quality Steel Industrial Swing Gates for Fall Protection

Fall protection is crucial in any industry, and industrial swing gates are an essential part of ensuring the safety of workers at high elevations. These gates can prevent accidents and injuries by keeping personnel away from dangerous areas or restricted places.

Investing in high-quality steel industrial swing gates is a wise decision for several reasons. Not only do they provide superior safety benefits, but they also protect your machinery and secure your job site. Additionally, steel gates are more durable and can withstand the challenges of the industrial workplace. In contrast, aluminum or plastic swing gates may not offer the same level of protection and may not last as long.

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