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Organizing Your Pallet Racking - Pallet Rack M-Dividers

Pallet rack m dividers are a type of warehouse storage solution that allows a warehouse to partition pallet rack systems into individual sections. This can be useful for organizing and separating different types of products or materials, as well as for preventing products from falling off the rack or onto other products that could cause damage or injuries.  Pallet rack m dividers are typically made of a durable material such as steel, and they are designed to fit securely into the beams of a pallet racking system. The m dividers can be made to be different heights and widths to accommodate a variety of pallet racking configurations.  Now that we know why to use pallet rack m-dividers, lets dive deeper to the benefits and styles of pallet rack dividers.

 Yellow Pallet Racking M Divider

Pallet Rack M Divider Benefits & Features

One of the main benefits of using pallet rack m dividers is that they help to improve the overall efficiency and organization of a warehouse. By dividing the pallet rack into separate sections, users can easily identify and access the specific products they need, without having to search through a large and cluttered storage area. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors or mistakes, which can lead to increased productivity and profitability. Typically m dividers, or other pallet rack dividers are used with tall, lengthy, or bulky items. Some of the most common items m dividers are used with are doors, windows, mattresses, pipes, and lumber.

Pallet racking with tall wood/lumber stored vertically with orange m dividers.

Another advantage of pallet rack dividers is that they can help to prevent accidents and injuries in the warehouse. By keeping products securely contained within individual sections (or bays), the dividers can help to prevent items from falling off the rack and causing harm to workers or damage to equipment or other other products. This can improve the overall safety of the warehouse environment and reduce the risk of liability for the company.

Organization and Appearance of M-Dividers

In addition to their practical benefits, pallet rack dividers can also improve the appearance of a warehouse or retail space. By dividing the pallet rack into neat and organized sections, the dividers can help to create a more professional and appealing look for the storage area. With organized pallet rack bays, employees can better find products as they neat and organized versus messy and mixed together.  This can also be especially important for companies that receive frequent visitors or customers, as a well-organized warehouse can make a positive impression and enhance the overall customer experience. Retail pallet rack m dividers are some of the most commonly used pallet rack dividers as they make finding product easier and safer for customers and workers.


Sizes and Styles of Pallet Rack Dividers

Overall, pallet rack dividers are a versatile and effective tool for improving the organization and safety of a warehouse. By providing a simple and cost-effective way to partition pallet racks, the dividers can help to increase efficiency, prevent accidents, and enhance the overall appearance of the storage area. We carry a standard 42″D x 54″H pallet rack m-divider and can manufacture any other m divider sizes. The two main factors in determining what pallet rack m divider you need is depth and height. The depth of a pallet rack m divider is determined by how deep your pallet rack configuration is. It is measured (when facing straight on) from the front bar to the back bar. Traditionally, the most common pallet rack depths are

  • 36″
  • 42″
  • 48″

Common m divider sizes include:

  • 42″D x 54″H
  • 36″D x 36″H
  • 36″D x 54″H
  • 36″D x 48″H
  • 48″D x 54″H

Another to note is the how high the pallet rack m divider is. There is no common height of pallet rack bar heights but it is important to note to know where you will need to place the rack.  Finally, the last thing to take into account is the width of the pallet rack beam. The standard width of a pallet rack is 3″ wide. Occasionally, there are pallet racks with a 4″ wide beam which will need a custom pallet rack m divider.

Custom Pallet Rack Dividers

There are more shapes and styles of pallet racking dividers that can be needed instead of the common “M” divider. There are V, B, W, dividers that also can also have the hanging brackets on top instead of top and bottom. The variety of rack dividers depends on each different scenario when you would need partitioning for your pallet racking system.

Pallet Rack W divider

If you have any questions or need a custom or standard pallet rack m divider, please contact us below.

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